Sarah's Biog....ish

I've been writing songs since I was fifteen years old and I've always sung and played guitar and a little bit of keyboard too.

I always had some part or other in school musicals. My favourite was "Fanny Squires" in "Smike."

I began singing in bands in my late teens and eventually moved to London.

Whilst in London the first band I joined was through an advert in Melody Maker and I joined them as the second lead singer, for those of you who remember them it was a kind of "Deacon Blue" set up. The main singer was David O'Dowd, one of Boy George's brothers.


The band never achieved any success as such and eventually broke up. I went on to join a couple of other bands after that. The best band I was in was called, "No Excuses." and we played venues like "The Half Moon" in Putney, "The Mean Fiddler" in Harelsdon, "The Marquee Cafe" and "Ronnie Scotts" Songwriter Nights to name a few.


I eventually met a couple of fellow song writers Luke Stidworthy being the main one. They had interest from "London Records" and I became their featured vocal artist on a couple of their songs. The tracks were eventually signed and released by "Cleveland City records" a label who had a no one hit with "The Real Thing" by Tony Debar. The songs were released under the name “Kapta” one song was a Euro dance track, “Glowing Sun on a Rising Tide” and the other a drum and bass track, “Everything changes” you can find a YT link to "Everything Changes on my music page here on the site.


Then my beautiful babies came along and I had two daughters, not at the same time there's almost four years between them and though I continued to write I didn't really have the time.


I eventually moved back to Wales and I missed singing and performing, so I got myself a PA and an agent and began singing on the club circuit.


In 2002 I performed a tribute to Shania Twain on BBC Children in Need aswell as performing one of my original songs "Heaven so High."

I appeared on Welsh language TV and I also sung "Tragedy" on a BBC drama called "Teachers."

I was once a bearded lady in a BBC production called "Fun at the funeral Parlour" and got to meet one of my favourite comedians, Paul Whitehouse. My favourite extra job was in one of the episodes of Dr Who got to see David Tennant in the flesh, (what a treat.) from 2002 to the present I have been singing in Clubs and theatres as well as taking on some support artist work.


In 2009 I  launched the Robert Pattinson song on to You Tube  and was so surprised and seriously delighted at the attention it received, because of this and the messages I received from so many people who wanted to download it. I booked myself in to a recording studio and recorded two versions of it.

I still can't believe that almost four years later someone, somewhere in the World finds my songs and downloads them every week from i Tunes. Thank you!!! you've made my dream come true....


Quick update - it's now 2019, shocking I know, time goes so quickly. I've been pretty busy over the last five or six years, in that time I've written and published two young adult fiction books (details on the home page), attended Swansea University where I obtained an MA in PR, Media and Communication, and I am currently researching and studying for my PhD - the focus of which is, digital and media literacy education in Wales.      



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